Here are ways through which i-Guru could help you in employing and displaying a new online digital business or how we can help you to improve the online business that you already have.

Online plans and strategies-

In case you are new to this online or digital marketing scenario than we can prove to be very beneficial as we have the ability and experience to give a target evaluation of the best online system for your specific business and its destinations.

In case you already have an online marketing strategy but are somehow disappointed with the results than we can include your current online presence and activity in the review.

Google ads assessment-

Have you already been using Google ad words but are unhappy with the results?

We at i-Guru will carry out a thorough research and give you insights on changes that can be done to it that will help you get better results.
Key areas and aspects that we will go through are:

  • Types of campaign being used
  • Campaign settings
  • Adgroup usage with campaigns
  • Use of keyword match types
  • Keyword bids and advert positions together with their impact on click through rates and click costs
  • Result measurement in Google analytics