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It is important that you should have full knowledge about your clients and customers, as the more you know about your clients the better you can serve them.

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Full search, select, secure, and integration service.

I-Guru has the largest pool of experienced professionals. We search, select, secure and integrate the right talent for your business needs..

Our tailored recruitment and integration processes ensure that new employees and teams fit seamlessly into the fabric of your organisation and add value to your company culture from day one.


I-Guru provides fully integrated payroll solutions. We have built a solid reputation with our partners for delivering an efficient payroll service that is compliant with local employment, social security and tax legislation.



We conduct an objective appraisal of your company structure and processes to drive efficiencies and productivity.

If you’re thinking about how offshoring can drive your business forward while maintaining your core values and company culture, consider Talent Shore today.

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our partners have been able to restructure their operational processes successfully and build a more productive workforce, which has led to an increased return on investment.

At I-Guru, we're your compass to exceptional talent!

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Local IT support and procurement.

I-Guru local IT infrastructure, facilities and procurement support services ensure your employees have the environment and equipment needed to thrive at work..

HR managed service.

We partner with one of the top HR and employment specialists within UK to offer a complete HR service for both our partner’s management team and employees throughout their journey with I-Guru.

Our focus on continual improvement and the optimisation of processes results in a number of benefits to our clients including increased efficiencies, knowledge sharing and reduced overheads