"I-Guru is the smart way to go offshore in INDIA"

 Your own team of highly skilled from 5 to 100+

 A team of World-class Top 1% tech talent in India

 We build your team that suits your business

 We run your operations with transparency

 We manage and you expand without limits


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''I-Guru is your trusted source for assembling the top 1% tech talent to cater to your business needs, whether for IT-Development, web-based services, constructing an IT infrastructure, remote IT support, or digital marketing solutions.

Discover the perfect talent swiftly with I-Guru. Elevate your business and unlock enhanced productivity. Whether you're a large enterprise or a small business, we specialise in connecting you with exceptional talent to amplify productivity and cut costs by up to 70%.

Experience offshoring with a unique approach.

We procure the precise skills and expertise, seamlessly integrating your new hires into your team. While you oversee their daily tasks, we handle all the rest—HR, legal, security, compliance, and facility needs.
Bid farewell to restrictive contracts. With I-Guru's Integrated Resourcing, you have the flexibility to modify resource levels on short notice. No fixed contracts, no rigid charges, and no concealed fees.




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What Solutions We Provide

We Build Your Team

We assemble your team in INDIA through an intricate multi-stage assessment process, selecting from the world's top 1% of tech talent.

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We Run Your Operations

We manage your team at our extended office in INDIA, creating a dedicated workspace and handling all operational aspects on the ground. This allows you to concentrate on your core business without the hassle of day-to-day operational concerns.

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You Scale Without Limits

We embed your vision, values, and culture to ensure your team is actively involved and completely aligned with your mission.

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Payroll and Human Resources Management

Entrust I-Guru with the comprehensive handling of payroll and Human Resource necessities for your INDIA-based workforce, fostering an environment where employees are positioned for success and flourish within a top-rated workplace culture.

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Premium Workplace Environment

Embrace the excellence of our eight state-of-the-art workplaces in INDIA, meticulously designed to offer contemporary and professional settings, backed by cutting-edge technology infrastructure.

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Cutting-Edge IT Security and Compliance Solutions

At I-Guru, we prioritise industry-leading IT security to safeguard your personnel and data whether they are operating from the office or remotely.

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Collaborate seamlessly with your offshore team, just as you would with your local team at home

I-Guru is Your Next Big Business Move!

At I-Guru, our success isn't just measured by lines of code; it's reflected in the satisfaction of our global clientele. Picture businesses spanning the globe, each one a success story written in collaboration with I-Guru. With an outstanding 99% customer satisfaction rate, we take pride in not just meeting expectations but exceeding them. Our clients aren't just partners; they're the heartbeat of our success. Join I-Guru and experience the power of tailored solutions that go beyond tech – they create a lasting impact on businesses worldwide. Your success is not just a goal; it's our commitment


Vinod Chakrapani

Founder & CEO

A.R Siddiqui

VP and Head of Projects Digital Marketing


What Our Clients Say About Our Digital Services

Sara Wilsson


“i-Guru have helped us in increasing our productivity and have systemized our software”

Saul Goodman


“On the personal side, I loved their team. They were on time or ahead of time I can’t fault them for anything.”

Jena Karlis


“They understood our business objectives and had a clarity of thought regarding finding solutions.”

Matt Brandon


"One of your greatest strengths is your ability to manage multiple responsibilities.”

John Larson


“On the personal side, I loved their team.They were on time or ahead of time I can’t fault them for anything.”

John Larson


“It gives me a great deal of confidence knowing that i-Guru is always around the corner to help me and my organisation”

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