Clients requires all sorts of advice, mentoring and implementation support and help in terms of digital marketing agency throughout the year and that is why at i-Guru we offer our clients a support contract which allows this required flexibility on a monthly basis.

Along the line the support contract also provides the clients with reduced prices for clients who commit to taking a higher minimum number of hours of support from us each month.


The main components and elements of digital marketing are unpredictable and they need to interact and collaborate with one another and are ever evolving.
If your organisation is looking for a low cost affordable specialist to help avoid expensive mistakes and to you guide you through and keep you up to date.
Also if you are on the look for someone who can help you gain more benefit from its online presence than i-Guru can be the support that you need.


  • Companies are required to have a minimum level of support per month, and the higher the client commitment results in lower price.
  • A help agreement can be ended whenever dependent upon one entire schedule month notice, and a base length of 3 months.
  • Development starting with one value level then onto the next, up or down, can happen three months after the beginning of the support contract or after the last change.


  • We at i-guru will supply our clients with a customised and personalisedblend of counsel, tutoring and usage across a range of digital marketing services.
  • All you need to do is just pay for the implementation on your business, as we at I-Guru will bear all the costs of keeping its knowledge and skills current.
  • Likewise, you gain the advantage of current experience picked up over various organisations – something impractical on the off chance that you keep everything in-house.
  • I-Guru is familiar with and OK with working in a group with customer organization representatives and their different providers – including ones giving items/administrations that i-Guru offers.
  • Organisation with a limited number of individuals that are dedicated to marketing often use us to supplement and upgrade the outcomes accomplished by their in-house group.
  • On a monthly basis you can have yourself a mix of support by type and service.


  • Pay Per Click advertising – including search, display, remarketing, video, shopping and social
  • Google search ranking (SEO) – including local and national
  • Actionable insights (from analytics)
  • B2B Social Prospecting
  • Website based lead generation
  • Support on the use of Sharp-spring marketing automation
  • Competitor watch