R2 supplies are a household name in the UK for a long time now, as they are a quality supplier of auto refinishing tools and products, even though R2 supplies have been in top tier in their category still there was something that was missing in their successful business, which was a top notch looking professional website. This where i-Guru steps in as we have helped out a lot of business in fulfilling their wish of having a great looking website.

When R2 supplies first approached us for their website the first thing we did was to thoroughly study and understand their business. Which helped us a lot in coming up with the proper theme for their business. We went through each and every aspect of their business as to what they and how do they do, we were in contact with them at each and every stage of their website build which helped us to get the perfect website designed for them.

So if you are looking to get yourself a professionally build website then you need not look forward, just contact us at i-Guru and we will make it happen.

R2 Supplier


At cargoes we had a tried and tested process for all driven vehicle deliveries. We have 2500 satisfied clients including local, regional and national clients and in total about 17 years in experience. We were quite happy and successful in our business but still there was a missing puzzle in our great venture and that was a good looking website. So we got to know about i-guru and how the website services that they provide are probably one of the best in the whole of UK.
So we went through their website and saw as to what services they provide, and when we compared the price from their website to any other in UK we saw that they prices that they provide is much more efficient than any other. So we got in contact with them and after they went through our business they suggested us that we should opt for a wordpress theme website and we were happy to go forward with the idea. We gave the designers at i-Guru full freedom to use their creativity and we could not have been much happier with the end result. 

We would surely recommend them if you are looking for top notch website services. 



Clays vehicle repair has been providing its vehicle repair services in the UK for a long time now and has been a popular choice amongst the audience in doing so. So intend to provide the best quality service so that our clients would come back to us in time on need. Our business was going on well but due to some reasons we started to see a decline in our business and we weren’t able to figure it out, and then a friend of our told us that you guys have an outdated website which could be a reason for the downfall. So after we started to think in getting a new website designed and came to know about i-guru through someone and so we contacted them with our problems. They told us all the problems in our old website and how they can be solved through new website, they suggested us that we should opt for a custom website as oppose to a word press as we have a wide range of services available.

People at i-Guru were kind enough to give us an through insight as to what should be expected from the new website and son they really helped us get our business back on track through the website.