Business intelligence and big data
Business Intelligence & Big Data

Business Intelligence & Big Data

Business intelligence and big data is a set of process, designs, and advancements that convert crude information into significant data that drives beneficial business actions. it is a suite of programming and administrations to change information into noteworthy insight and information. it has a big and direct impact on organisations strategic, tactical and operational business decisions. BI supports fact-based decision making that use historical data rather than assumptions and gut feeling.


The most important reason to use BI is to identify and set benchmarks for varied processes. With BI frameworks associations it can distinguish and advertise patterns and spot business issues that should be tended to. BI helps on information representation that upgrades the information quality and along these lines the nature of dynamic. BI frameworks can be utilized by ventures as well as SME (Small and Medium Enterprises).


  1. First of all raw data from corporate databases is extracted. The data is then spread across multiple systems heterogeneous systems.
  2. The data is cleaned and transformed into the data warehouse.
  3. BI system can be used by the user to ask quires, request ad-hoc reports and/or conduct any other analysis.

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