content Outreach


The most important and vital component of using content based marketing for your organisation is how well it can reach its target audience. Striking up veritable individual associations with different blog and content writers in a specific specialty takes in excess of several conventional messages – once in a while, setting up distributing concurrences with a portion of the top bloggers in an industry can take weeks, months, or even years.

We at i-Guru are highly experienced in content outreach. We’ve spent years contacting bloggers and cementing fantastic placement opportunities for our clients, and we know how to manage our connections effectively.


Before setting up contact with outside bloggers, we have to survey a blog to guarantee it’s a reasonable home for our customer’s substance. We take a gander at various variables, including the measure of traffic the blog gets, who else adds to it, and how legitimate the space is in search.

We at that point connect with the blogger to check whether they are happy to acknowledge visitor content from an essayist with skill in their field. The expense of the situation is arranged, subjects are talked about and joins are concurred before a bit of substance is composed by our copywriting group and sent to the blogger for their endorsement.

The entirety of our substance effort is recorded for complete straightforwardness. The expense of reaching bloggers and organizing join openings can be consolidated into an on-going SEO bundle, or on the other hand we can offer substance exceed as an independent assistance