App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization

The main aim of app store optimisation is to increase and improve the ranking of play and app store based mobile applications.  App store optimization can help your company in getting more and more downloads which in turn results in huge benefits for the company.

The goal of ASO is nearly always app downloads, some more benefits are:

  1. Increased brand exposure.
  2. Positive app reviews and ratings.
  3. Audience engagement.
  4. Additional marketing channel diversification.

If you are a new organisation and think that app store is beyond you then you are wrong, it is actually likely to be a more familiar approach to your businesses online marketing than you may initially think. An ASO is somewhat similar to SEO and there are quite a bit of overlaps between them.

App stores are, in effect, a closed site search engine, which truly rely on:

  1. Easy content (app content) discovery
  2. Indexation
  3. Plus, app ranking algorithms tied to:
  4. Perceived app quality
  5. Freshness
  6. Brand scale

User value signals (e.g., reviews, ratings, engagement)